Permitting and Compliance

B&D Environmental believes that a well-built planning process can save both time and money throughout the permitting phase of any project. Our environmental compliance and permitting services range from single-site and defined regulatory programs to comprehensive audit services, including due diligence for acquisitions. We provide all levels of permitting assistance, from high-level strategy and negotiation for large-scale public infrastructure or private developments, to completion of permit applications, coordination, and support for smaller projects.  

The unique combination of technical and legal expertise, knowledge of environmental regulations, and experience dealing with regulators enables our staff to provide timely and quality environmental services tailored to clients. We guide clients through the permitting process by strategizing with the project design team and permit agencies to effectively manage environmental compliance paths and avoid unexpected delays and costs by doing it right the first time. 

Our team understands that staying up to date with changing environmental regulations and having an in-depth understanding of new and revised requirements is an entailed and time-consuming task. Our compliance reviews establish a detailed baseline of information that allows our clients to focus their efforts and direct resources to address specific regulatory compliance gaps. 

At B&D, we understand that specific permits have distinct requirements, which demands an in-depth knowledge of federal and state thresholds, and possible local higher standards. Our team of experienced professionals is qualified to offer a variety of services, including: 

  • Permit requirements research, depending on the type of project, location and scope 
  • Assessment of regulatory standards needed for compliance 
  • Development of a path for cost-effective compliance while meeting permits requirements 
  • Permit application 
  • Development of permitting strategies  
  • Document gathering, assembling and preparation for permit application packages 
  • Legal support services for appeals and variances processes 
  • Development of mitigation approaches